Bonaventure Cares

Bonaventure Cares

Giving back is a core focus at Bonaventure.

With the help of our teams, we aim to make a positive impact on all of our communities.

  • Supporting Local Businesses

    Bonaventure Property Management promoted a giveaway for residents that supported several local businesses in each region.

  • Australian Red Cross Donations

    To show our support for the communities and wildlife affected by the Australian bushfires,  we will be donating 100% of the application fees collected on January 10th to the Australian Red Cross.

  • Bonaventure Cares Blood Drive

    On August 15, the American Red Cross and Bonaventure registered 19 donors and collected 18 pints of blood for donation. Our donor's generosity will impact up to 54 lives!

  • Multifamily Snowball For Good

    Bonaventure has accepted the Multifamily Snowball For Good Challenge and has donated $5,000 to support local non-profits that provide safe housing for victims of domestic abuse and human trafficking.