Our Equation for Success is Simple:
Happy Employees = Happy Customers = Successful Business

At its core, Bonaventure is a people company that just happens to be in the real estate business. We understand that great employees can make an average property exceptional; but a great property with average employees will always be just average. We’re more than a real estate company. We provide a roof over our residents’ heads, we take care of our customers’ homes, and we provide piece of mind and financial security for our owners, investors and employees. That’s why we have developed a people strategy that helps exceptionally talented, creative and energetic people find a greater purpose within the multifamily industry. Our core values shape who we are and how we do business. Together, this creates happy employees, happy customers and a successful business.


To continually exceed the expectations of our employees, customers and investors; To provide our employees with a fun environment for personal growth, financial security and career advancement while fostering a sense of family; Strive to ensure that our customers and investors receive exceptional service and value. They have a choice and they choose us.


Bonaventure comes from the Italian word buonaventura which literally means “good luck.” When Dwight learned that his ancestor, Andrew Dunton, sailed to America in 1635 aboard the ship Bonaventure, he knew that Bonaventure was more than just a ship of good tidings for the Dunton family. The name would also bestow good luck on his new real estate company.


The following list of core values reflects what is truly important to us as a company. These values shape who we are, serve as the foundation for our culture, and influence every decision we make.


We create enduring value by continuously moving forward, innovating, and improving.


We display and motivate others with our positive attitude and driven work ethic.


We do our best work when we work together. Every individual is encouraged to contribute because our next great idea can come from anyone.


Our effort and productivity multiplies results.


We take personal ownership for our actions, commitments, and performance.

Best for Bonaventure.

We put Bonaventure’s needs above our own, behave with the company’s best interests in mind, and treat the company’s assets as our own


We always try to do the right thing because nothing is more important than our reputation.


  • Obtain a highly motivated team of passionate “A” players, who are client responsive and excited about working in a partnership, both internally and externally.

  • Provide inspirational leadership with proactive and effective people management.
  • Create a supportive work environment and company culture.
  • Promote an environment of continuous learning, which leads to optimal personal and professional development.